PLEASE NOTE: When filling out the application, the applicant MUST create their own account. Please do not use your parent/guardian's account.  

Summer Camp Staff applications will be available on Wednesday, January 27, 2021. The deadline to submit your application is Friday, March 19, 2021.

Summer camp requires a dedicated staff of administrators, senior counselors, junior counselors, religious, and priests to help achieve our program goals. Staff members must have high moral character, live out Christian values, and serve as positive role models for young people.

Junior Counselors: High school students who have completed at least their freshman year by the summer of camp are eligible to apply for junior counselor staff positions. This is a two-week position spanning either June 6-19 (boys), June 20 - July 3 (boys), July 4-17 (girls) or July 18-31 (girls). Any Junior Counselor who is selected will be REQUIRED to attend training on (June 5, 2021 for Boy's Camp and July 3, 2021 for Girl's Camp). All positions are paid. Junior Counselors do have the option of receiving service hours for one or both weeks of the session of which they are hired. 

Senior Counselors, Administration, Extended Staff: Graduating high school seniors and older may apply to work as a Senior Counselor, Administrator or member of the Extended Staff (Nurse, Sacristan/Musician, Head Lifeguard, Canteen Manager or Arts & Crafts Manager). All positions, except for Nurses, are hired for either Boy's Camp (June 6 - July 3) or Girl's Camp (July 4-31). Nurses are hired for one-week sessions, unless otherwise indicated on the application. With the exception of some extended staff positions, any applicant who is hired will be REQUIRED to attend training (June 1-5, 2021 for Boy's Camp and June 29 - July 3, 2021 for Girl's Camp). All positions are paid. 

Counselors in Training: Our oldest campers may participate in our CIT program during their week of camp. This is not a staff position and therefore no application exists. Register along with other campers and more details about participating will be provided when the camping week begins.

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