Camp Abbey is available for both day and overnight rentals. Rental includes exclusive cabin space, scheduled exclusive use of a meeting space, non-exclusive use of Benson Hall for meals, and scheduled exclusive use of the Chapel for prayer/liturgical services.

Camp Abbey reserves the right to book more than one group on the same dates provided that each group has one exclusive meeting space of a size appropriate to the total headcount provided. The dining hall would be shared at uniform meal times and the chapel would be scheduled on a first-come, first served basis. If a group fewer than 100 paying persons wishes to have exclusive use of the entire camp facility, please contact the Camp Abbey Office for a buy-out fee.

Pool Rental (overnight and day rental) is available for an additional fee. It is the responsibility of the rental group to arrange a certified lifeguard.

Please contact the camp office at (985) 327-7240 for pricing options.